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"Young. Old. Just words."

-- George Burns

Links of the Week
Sandrific Nets *fifth* Webby Honor

On April 9, 2013, Sandrific.com was named an Official Nominee for Weird in the 17th Annual Webby Awards! The website has been recognized by the Webbys five years in a row (helloooo Five-Timers Club), as Official Honoree for Weird in 2012 and 2011, Official Honoree for NetArt in 2010 and nominated for Best Personal Website in 2009. I'm floored. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandrific Wins People's Champ

On January 7, 2011, Sandrific was named a Pixel Awards People's Champ for Weird in the 5th Annual Pixel Awards! So stoked & honored! A big thank you to everyone who voted for Sandrific!

Sandrific Wins Silver

Sandrific received a 2009 Silver Award from the Art Director's Club of Denver on September 25, 2009. Thanks, ADCD!

My Story

Hello and thanks for visiting. My name is Elizabeth Kimak, but friends call me Betsy. This is my personal website.

For 15+ years, I have managed web properties for educational and government organizations. I enjoy working on projects at any stage - from ideation and strategy to content development. I also code.

Some words that could be in my title: web, digital, interactive, producer, director, creative, strategist, technologist, developer.


What I'm Doing Now

May 2014

I've been consumed by the house restoration - pics and a new blog are in the works (here's the old one).

In between felling trees, clearing juniper forests and removing layers upon layers of paint I've also been doing some design work for Soundwall, an IoT startup in Boulder. Check them out at soundwall.co!

One of my tweets helped Joe get a writeup in Fast Company - (wow!) - way to go Joe!!

Now that Fargo is back up I've moved my linkblog there, check it out for stuff you may have missed: bkio.smallpict.com.

November 2013

I'm on Github! I was blogging (experimentally) on Dave Winer's Fargo platform. But then Trex crashed. So I joined the Concord open source community to help build a few bridges. My first repo is Concord to PHP.

June 2013

Mobile site launch (pro bono): arapahohills.org

April 2013

Sandrific is a Webby Awards Nominee! VOTE HERE to help us win the People's Voice award. There is *so much* incredible work to see - please take a moment to vote for all of your other favorites too.

March 2013

My husband and I finally bought our first house. It's a 52-year-old historic MCM that needs a lot of TLC. #YOLO.

December 2012

Props to Mrs. Sheila Moore's Marine Science class at Croatan High School! Check out their Emerald Isle photo series on Sandrific or read more.

November 2012

Rolled out events ticketing and membership e-commerce components for the Art Director's Club of Denver. Several months of team planning, member contacts formerly stored in flat dbs are now tightly integrated with BuddyPress profiles and services from multiple outside providers are now self-hosted. The improved workflow streamlines communications and transactions with club members.

September 2012

I'm taking a dip at going pro. My first premium WordPress theme is now for sale on Hackistry, my new indie marketplace. It's a big, beautiful theme called Nassau, which reflects my software philosophy: minimal, carefree and sustainable. Here's the live demo.

August 2012

Tweeted with Anil Dash.

July 2012

I'm honored to be featured in the Women in Web series on Meta Q, a fresh digital webzine from Susan Snipes and Q Digital Studio.

Help Community Conch protect queen conch and promote sustainable harvesting in the Bahamas. Join the Rachel's Network Fundraiser on CrowdRise.

April 2012

Tweeted with Sir Richard.

March 2012

I entered two proposals in the Knight News Challenge!

#1: Grantraiser. How do you discover grant opportunities? Here is my idea. Will it work? Should it be funded? Please share your thoughts about my entry and vote it up on the Knight Foundation's Tumblr here.

#2: Sandrific Mobile. Sandrific is in need of mobile enhancements to deliver the best sandy experiences to those on the go. Will you help? Please support my entry by liking it on the Knight Foundation's Tumblr here.

1,078 amazing, creative digital media ideas were entered -- give some love to your other favorites, too!

February 2012

Having spent all of February twypoing with 9 fingers after slicing through my fingernail with a bread knife, I guess the only natural thing to do was to write my first Wordpress plugin. Breadcrumbs Everywhere adds breadcrumb trail navigation to BuddyPress 1.5.x with one easy line of code and it's fully customizable for theme developers. Download it from WordPress.org.

January 2012

This month, I'm working on the design + build of a website for a new eco-tourism business in the Bahamas.

December 2011

It was an honor these past 8 months serving as Creative Technologist for the Special Court for Sierra Leone. A pilot Buddypress-powered community website was presented at the International Prosecutors Colloquium meeting. Read the case study.

November 2011

Thank you Denver Egotist. xo

Thrilled that the Art Director's Club of Denver's new website finally came together. What an amazing team. This was one of my all-time favorite pro bono projects. Read the press release.

September 2011

Picked up a milk bottle at the Art Director's Club of Denver's Annual Show on 9/23. Honored to be in the book in Social Media for The Marilyn Manifesto iPhone app. Thanks ADCD!

April 2011

I'm booked with a client through summer and seeking opps for fall. It's an amazing, super-secret project involving the design + build of an international community website. Stay tuned for info!

February 2011

Please welcome kevallihouse.com, featuring boat-in eco cottages and a private marina on the exquisite Stocking Island in Great Exuma. Read the case study.

January 2011

Sandrific won People's Champ!

November 2010

Sandrific is a 2010 Pixel Awards Nominee! Please VOTE HERE to help Sandrific win the People's Champ award in the *WEIRD* category. XOXO

October 2010

I'm honored to be serving as the first-ever Digital Chair for the Art Directors Club of Denver and to be part of this wonderful group of creatives. Find me here, here, here, here, here, here, or here anytime, and share with me what the intersection of art + technology means to you.

September 2010

After a summer of studying Objective-C, I took the plunge and became a registered Apple iOS Developer.

August 2010

My latest personal project: The Marilyn Manifesto. It's the culmination of a two-month effort to secure permission to use a photo of Marilyn Monroe on one of my websites. I hope you enjoy it.

January 2010

Created the branding and website for Community Conch, a new nonprofit established by three expert scientists. Their research is helping reduce overfishing of queen conch by expanding Marine Protected Areas in the Bahamas. Read the case study.

December 2009

The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS) is a strange bunch...and now I'm one of them.

Someday...a redesign of this site.


On the Horizon

I'm always interested in building relationships with new clients. If you'd like to drop me a note, email me. I'd love to hear from you and learn about what you're doing. If you're working on an interesting project and need some help, let's talk. Maybe we can work on it together!


Thoughts You've Shared

Democratic National Convention 8.27.2008.44 Democratic National Convention 8.27.2008.44


Yard Tasks
  • What to do with all the rocks?
  • Dispose of:
    • 4 trash cans
    • rusty chain
    • rusty canister
    • rusty mower
    • propane tank
    • 2 broken clay flower pots
    • rotting wood boards (3/7)
    • 7 cans of leftover paint
    • old playhouse & door
    • animal skulls (1/2)
    • old tires (2/2)
    • bong (1/1)
    • old PCT DRS-6 coax cable
    • extension cord (1/1)
    • PVC pipe on north side
    • metal pipes (1/3)
    • cinderblocks (0/6)
    • flower boxes (3/6)
    • wood piles:
      • patio
      • north back
  • Dig up junipers:
    • south patio (2/2)
    • carport planter (0/4)
    • north side of shed (0/1)
    • north front (9/9)
  • Planter on north patio
    • dig up vine
    • backfill and level
    • landscape
    • install water feature
    • prune tree branches
  • LED and solar lights
    • driveway path
    • north patio
    • install under-eave downlights
    • south patio
    • carport wall
    • replace carport CFLs (2/2)
  • Trees
    • Prune apple tree (1/2)
    • Prune red chokeberry trees (1/2)
    • Prune eastern red cedar by shed (1/2)
    • Remove stumps (2/10)
    • Remove crabapples (2/2)
    • Remove siberian elms (4/4)
    • Remove russian olive (1/1)
    • Remove dead maples (2/2)
    • Prune hawthorns (3/3)
    • Prune spruce (1/1)
  • Drainage & irrigation
    • Add chimney cap
    • Extend corrugated pipe along N border
    • Rebuild swale/new mulch bed along N border
    • Extend corrugated pipe along S border
    • Rebuild french drain along S border
    • Add french drain along S patio
    • Move and add sprinkler heads along curb
    • Add micro sprays along S patio
    • New gutters & spout on carport
    • Replace house gutters & spouts
    • New gutters & spout on shed
    • Overseed around stop valve box
    • Add soil and level around stop valve box
    • Rebuild stop waste valve box
    • Repair stop & waste valve (2/2)
    • Repair sprinkler system
  • Curb reconstruction
    • Compost & overseed (3/4)
    • Grade and level along curb
    • Remove rocks along curb
    • Remove landscape plastic along curb
    • Remove landscape fabric along curb
    • Dig up rail ties along curb (6/6)
    • Repair low drainage spot in curb
  • Driveway
    • Replace driveway
    • Add stone edging along S driveway
    • New landscaping along N driveway
    • Dig up metal edging in front (10/15)
    • Remove rocks along N driveway
    • Remove landscape plastic along driveway
    • Temporary fill sinkhole
    • Dig up yucca along driveway (4/4)
  • General stuff
    • Remove vine in back
    • Remove shrubbery in SW corner (3/9)
    • Construct mulch bed in SW corner
    • Remove shrubbery along N fence (3/5)
    • Dig up lilac in front (1/2)
    • Cut down woody vine inside N fence
    • Replace N fence between neighbors
    • Replace N front gate
    • Replace S fence and gate
    • Replace S gate steps
    • Backfill along concrete block wall
    • Repair edging in south front planter
    • Dig up spirea in S patio
    • Prune forsythia in south front planter
    • Dig up ivy along S patio
    • Repair fence on north
  • Signage
    • Street number display
    • Install historic neighborhood marker?
    • Install curbside mailbox
    • Security sign
  • New landscaping materials:
    • compost: 22
    • boss: 6
    • top soil: 16
    • potting soil: 5
    • paver base: 16
    • sand: 6
    • stones & edging: 16
    • mulch: 38
    • wheelbarrow: 9
    • plants: 41
    • garden veggies: 14
    • bags of grass seed: 3
    • organic fertilizer: 14
    • trees: 1
  • Waste removed to date:
    • yard bags: 228
    • trash bins: 86
    • truckloads: 2
    • flatbeds: 1
    • chipper: 2
    • city hauls: 4
    • bagsters: 2
    • bundles of sticks: 125
    • pounds of rocks: 375

List created in Fargo © 2014 Small Picture, Inc.