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Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee
Lifecycle: February-September 2008


Manage the online presence for the Denver 2008 Convention Host Committee.

Scope of Work

While it's true that a content management system lets anyone publish information to the Web, when you have many people within your organization creating content, it's just too easy to get off message.

The Host Committee recognized that potential and brought me on as Web Producer to oversee the Web site -- a thrilling honor. As representatives for the host city, they were responsible for funding the Democratic National Convention, managing a vendor database, enlisting the service of thousands of volunteers, and coordinating external events.

Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1908 Democratic National Convention in Denver, my design challenge was to connect the old with the new. I opted for de-saturated colors to offset the powerful deep blues of both the Obama campaign and the official DNC sites, along with funky grunge elements to balance their smooth, reflective ones.

The site uses a closed-source CMS with some pre-defined XHTML and CSS, so the design was implemented as a CSS skin over the existing structure. But my primary role was content management and graphics, steadily prioritizing and polishing content from multiple teams with direction from the Director of Communications.

This super-fast-paced project had an extremely fixed timeline -- there was no room for error or missed deadlines. But the reward was priceless: working with some of the most incredibly hardworking and talented people I've ever met, and seeing history made before my eyes in my own hometown.

Media Exposure

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The Host Committee Web site was referenced by local, national and international media, and it served as a resource for delegates, visitors and Denver citizens. The URL was featured on street banners, in delegate materials, on storefront and event signage, and in the official convention visitor's guide.

Production Services

  • Visual design & graphics
  • Custom CSS theme
  • Information architecture
  • Content management
  • Copyediting, copywriting
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