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Walking and Driving Tours
City and County of Denver
Created: 2002


Integrate new content sections into an existing educational Web site.

Scope of Work

This site was created by another designer in 2000 and several new sections needed to be added to display historical essays written by an esteemed Denver author. I reorganized the content and added new pages with original research-based copy, web elements, page layout changes, photos and graphics to enable the new prose to seamlessly integrate with the previous designer's established work.

Sample Content

Denver Neighborhood Spotlights (198K PDF)

Creating 15 short neighborhood spotlights sounds like an easy task, but what if the information isn't centrally located? For this project, I researched and compiled facts from a variety of sources, including history books, city Web sites, neighborhood associations, and local historians. I wrote a short paragraph about each one, capturing the essence of the neighborhood in under 100 words. I combined recent and historical photographs together and added captions to provide interesting "then and now" visuals.

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